5 Basic realities of the gun control debate.

1.  Nobody’s suggesting the complete disarmament of the entire American population.  We’re suggesting certain common sense regulations, such as a gun registry, restrictions on those with prior violent crimes on record from getting guns, restrictions on the sheer amount of killing-per-second power that we would allow one person to have.

2.  The defensive capacities of a gun are severely overstated.  Guns are an offensive weapon, with only a defensive capacity if someone offending is clearly and unambiguously known beforehand.  This means that fully automatic weapons don’t make you any more safe from, say, a home invasion than would a rifle.

3.  The criminals that so many people say would still have guns often get their guns through legal means, or from those who have legally aquired their own guns.  For instance, at least 50% of the guns used by Mexican drug gangs originated in the US, and not because we have some underground network of weapons manufacturers.  What we have is a number of very easy ways a person can purchase a gun legally, carry guns across borders of states or nations, and then make illegal sales… if they’re even illegal.

4.  It is more difficult to kill with a rock or with a knife than with a gun.  The recent incident of two girls who, in order to please Slender Man, stabbed another 12 year old girl 19 times, but did not kill her, shows that to be rather clear.  Guns make it take less work and give a higher success rate at attempts to kill.  That’s why we arm soldiers with guns and not with rocks.

5.  The only way to tell the difference between a good guy with a gun and a bad guy with a gun, from the perspective of a bystander, is if one is already firing indiscriminately.  More guns in more hands with more stand-your-ground laws means that more “good guys” will shoot other “good guys”.

In general, this is a more complex issue than those who crow for gun rights are willing to discuss.

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